Apartment in Prague, Podolí

Prague, Czech Republic
Residential Project 2018
Complete Renovation of 100m2
Photo: Jan Vodrážka

Design and implementation of a complete apartment renovation with a beautiful view of Vyšehrad. I worked on all phases of the project, from layout design, construction documentation, to custom furniture production specifications, kitchen selection, and all accessories. I aimed to create a space that meets the demands of modern living while preserving the original character of the building and its surroundings. During the renovation, walls were demolished, electrical wiring, heating, and windows were replaced. Despite having a modest budget, the old apartment was transformed into an airy, modern space using quality materials and designer accessories. I collaborated with a kitchen studio for the kitchen design, and had built-in cabinets custom-made by a carpenter. The parquet flooring is original but refurbished. I chose light-colored, large-format tiles and fixtures to maintain a sense of airiness. An interesting addition is the designer Italian heating system in the hallway or the Bomma soap lighting in the kitchen.