Here you'll find an overview of my recent projects and accomplishments I've worked on. My creativity and passion for innovation drive me to constantly seek new challenges and opportunities. Take a look at some of my recent projects below

Apartment in Prague, Podolí

Prague, Czech Republic
Residential Project 2018
Complete Renovation of 100m2
Photo: Jan Vodrážka

With a passion for design, emphasis on natural materials, utilization of local craftsmen, and constant search for unique elements, I assist clients in creating environments that reflect their personality while also being functional and original.

Casa Foa

Participation in a design exhibition CASA FOA
Santiago de Chile 2018
Photo:  ED Arquitectura, diseňo y decoración Magazine
Helena Cádiz

In this modern children's room, gentle tones and natural materials intertwine, creating a warm and harmonious environment. Natural light and soft surfaces provide the room with friendliness and comfort, nurturing the child's imagination. Every piece of furniture and decoration has been carefully chosen to create a perfect whole where the child will feel at home.

Children's Rooms

Prague 4 Modřany, Czech Republic
Design and implementation of two children’s rooms in 2020
Photo: Elizabeth Svátková

The interior design and custom-made library combine modern design with natural materials. The library serves as the focal point of the space, where aesthetics and functionality intertwine.

Apartment in Prague - Dejvice

Prague 6 Dejvice, Czech Republic
Custom Interior and Library Design
3D Rendering: Martin Nálevka


Complete renovation of an older house in Santiago de Chile. The main requirement was to bring plenty of light into the house and create as much open space as possible connected to the outdoor terrace. The kitchen is custom-made with lacquered finishes, and the rattan furniture is crafted by local artisans. This project was featured in VD Vivienda y Decoración magazine.

House in Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile
Complete reconstruction 160m2
Photo: VD Vivienda y Decoración Magazine

To realize this house, it was necessary to create a 3D design of the house from various perspectives. I am working on the project with a 3D graphic designer to achieve a more realistic vision of the future house. An important element was how the clear glass bricks would look to maintain the original style of the house while meeting the requirements of modern living.

House in Prague - Braník

Prague 4 Braník, Czech Republic
3D Rendering Martin Nálevka