CASA FOA Santiago de Chile

Participation in a design exhibition CASA FOA
Santiago de Chile 2018
Photo:  ED Arquitectura, diseňo y decoración Magazine
Helena Cádiz

I was selected by the organizers of the CASA FOA exhibition in Santiago de Chile among forty interior designers to present their work. I had the pleasure of being part of the largest interior design exhibition in Chile, which takes place once a year. Participants were tasked with transforming rooms in an old colonial house according to their discretion and with the support of sponsor companies. My task was to create a home office for a woman. The room was not simple in terms of its layout and triangular shape. I was inspired by the woman herself, her fragility, delicacy, and the need to surround herself with beautiful things. A place where she would feel comfortable working and be herself. For the furniture, I used a local designer who works with marble and steel. The main feature was the delicate pastel pink color contrasted with a carpet made from Peruvian alpaca, which I designed and is reversible. To achieve harmony, I used tropical flowers, Chilean ceramics, and hung black and white photographs by a Chilean photographer on the walls. I collaborated on the project with architect Carola Poblete and interior designer Olga Tosto.