Children's Rooms

Prague 4 Modřany, Czech Republic
Design and implementation of two children’s rooms in 2020
Photo: Elizabeth Svátková

Design and realization of children's rooms for a ten-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy in a modern family home in Modřany. The owner wanted a room for the little ballerina, while the boy's room was to have wallpaper with a touch of blue. The couple enjoys design pieces, so even the children's rooms had to have some. The challenge was the small space in both rooms. It was necessary to fit a bed, a desk, a built-in wardrobe, and sleeping space for friends. All the furniture was custom-designed with a local carpenter, and the furniture is lacquered. The bed has a pull-out drawer for occasional sleepovers, and the shelves in the built-in wardrobes are illuminated with LED strips for a cozier atmosphere. In the girl's room, a custom-made mirror with a ballet bar is installed. All accessories, bedding, and rugs were chosen with the client. The working chairs are from the Vitra workshop.