With each space, I work as if it were unique, always considering the client's wishes and crafting custom-designed details for each project.

Apartment in Prague, Podolí

Prague, Czech Republic
Residential Project 2018
Complete Renovation of 100m2
Photo: Jan Vodrážka

With a passion for design, emphasis on natural materials, utilizing local craftsmen, and constant pursuit of unique elements, I help clients create environments that reflect their personality while also being functional and innovative.

Casa Foa

Participation in a design exhibition CASA FOA
Santiago de Chile 2018
Photo:  ED Arquitectura, diseňo y decoración Magazine
Helena Cádiz

My inspirations come from various sources influenced by a long life in South America. The result is a combination of simplicity with the use of natural elements and colors.

Children's Rooms

Let your children dream in their own room, filled with inspiration, fun, and safety. I will help design and bring to life the bedroom of their dreams for your little adventurers.

3D Interior Designs / Visualisations

Sometimes, all a project needs is a design with 3D models. In collaboration with an experienced 3D artist, I will help transform your ideas and concepts into realistic 3D models.

Other Projects

Here you can see my other projects.